SKS Welding Systems P. R. China: Official opening of the new premises
SKS Welding Systems P. R. China: Battery tray welded by SKS technology of a leading vehicle manufacturer in the welding pattern exhibition

Kaiserslautern, 29 November 2019

SKS Shanghai: New Location
increases Capacity

On November 21, 2019, the new corporate offices were opened as part of an open-house event

The Chinese subsidiary was founded in 2016 and is expanding its capacities with a new location. The inauguration ceremony of SKS Welding Systems Shanghai took place in the new company premises located in the industrial park Weixin, in the Jiading District, Shanghai. Important guests such as Robert Lahnsteiner (MIGAL.CO GmbH) and other representatives of clients from Faurecia, Eberspächer, Jiangsu Aoliwei, Taicang Shizhong, Linde Yingli and Jiaotong University Shanghai attended the event.

Markus Klein, Managing Director of SKS Welding Systems Germany and Aiquan Zhang, General Manager of SKS in China, jointly opened the new company premises in the Jiading District. Fireworks brought the celebration to a climax.

Zhang shared his perspective on the company’s future in China: "In recent years, we have found great potential in the design and development of our products in the ever-changing automotive market environment. That's why we decided to step up research and development efforts to better meet the different market demands. "

The market has proven that the entry into the China market was the right choice, especially given the rapid development of the Chinese auto industry. Markus Klein paid tribute to the SKS subsidiary: "It can be said that SKS Shanghai has performed exceptionally well since it was founded." The opening of this new location not only continued its commitment to the Chinese
market, but also created additional resources provided for even better customer support. With the expansion and the additional capacity created at the new location, the development in China has entered a new phase.

The new premises are spread over three floors and include a welding pattern exhibition, a robotic welding laboratory to conduct feasibility studies, a large warehouse for fast on-site service, a technical laboratory, training facilities and offices for swiftly processing orders. The attendees praised the high-end technology and mature products of SKS Welding Systems.

The owner-managed company SKS Welding Systems from Kaiserslautern has been serving industrial users of automated welding technology for 30 years. The focus of business activity is on the automotive and supplier industry. Since its founding in 1989, the welding technology specialist has secured a leading position in this technology sector with the practical implementation of its innovative ideas in the field of robot welding technology.

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